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Great Card Tricks
   Can a Playing Card Kill?
The Legendary Claim
This is a bit of a legendary claim that a paper card can be used to inflict untold phyical harm to an individual. There are many aspects to these claims and it's believed that a combination of the skills in throwing cards forcefully & accurately ... along w/ knowledge of specific areas of the bodie's central nervous system and it's key areas ... one can effectively inflict harm on their enemy ... and potentially kill them.

There are even some contemporary claims of having fell a large animal in a hunting setting via a thrown card. Even the Discovery Channel's Mythbuster television series covered the claim that a playing card can kill. Their analysis resulted in what they refer to as "Busted" ... meaning that the myth is not true.

Now where it would likely get really interesting is with the use of a metal or stainless steel throwing cards (which you can buy below in links section for a few dollars). One of these cards in the hands of a proficient card thrower could really be dangerous ... so no card throwing in the house!

The Totally Abusrd
Now once your done reading all that interesting stuff about actually learning the specific techniques of Card Throwing ... buy some stainless steel throwing cards w/ nice sharp corners ... and you feel ready to 'take someone down' w/ your new skill ... consider that there might be another way ... as you'll see below.

Other Crazy Ways To Kill With Cards:

  • If you ate enough cards you could possibly kill yourself

  • A folded up card could possibly get lodged in your throat (as part of a trick)

  • Dropping a large crate (hundreds of packs) on your head could kill you

  • If a surgeon accidently left a playing card inside you during your gall bladder surgery (did you know that in over 1500 operations a year in the us ... 1 in 10,000 ... an object is left inside the patient ... 60% of the time it's a sponge ... it's possible that a card could be in the other 40% (http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/healthnews.php?newsid=47583)

  • If you accidentaly slip on a shiny new red backed ace of spades and hit your head

  • You're driving down the road ... a card gets stuck to the windshield ... your view is blocked ... car crashes!

  • You're a hemopheliac ... you cut your finger on a sharp edge of a fresh card and you bleed to death.

  • If a truck driver stayed up all night the night before on a lucky streak winning at texas hold-em. he crashes his truck the next day from lack of sleep and kills himself and three others.

  • Historically the fundamentalist religious persuasions consider using playing cards a sin and who knows where that might lead ... it may not kill you ... but you'll be damned in hellfire for eternity.

  • In colonial times playing cards were taxed ... and attempts to forge the tax stamp could lead to your untimely death.

Links To Other Lethal Card Throwing Info:
  Critical Nerve Centers on the Human Body
If you're going to go to all the trouble of learning the intricacies of the card throwing technique ... you'd be most efficient w/ your throws if you knew the best targets to aim for.
  Metal Card Throwing Stars
You could be a real man and challenge a card thrower to hurt you with paper ... but these would be a completely different story indeed!
  Stainless Stell Throwing Cards
A nice polished metal surface ... some really sharp edges ... don't let your mother see you playing w/ those ... you know what she would say!
  Discovery Channel's MythBusters show
This is the Discovery Channels site for the MythBusters show. They did a show on the legend of card throwng and had none other than Ricky Jay throwing some cards. They ultimately build a machine and used some high speed camera equipment to determine velocity and lethality.
  Animal Mount of a kill made w/ a thrown card
This is a threaded discussion about Card Throwing w/ one poster uploading some pics from Ricky Jay's book showing an animal mount on a wall w/ him staning next to it (can't find this now).
Discovery Channel's MythBusters show
Final Notes:
If you were looking here for some unusual way to kill someone or something then you may have found what you were looking for (ie. found the unusual part). On the scale of effiency I don't think it's likely to score too well. On the scale of absurdity it's in contention for the top spot. Cards are likely best left for what they were originally intended for ... having fun & playing games!

Last Updated: 12/10/08